Audio & Video Intercom System

Conferencing & Visual Systems

VTG Security offers state-of-the-art Audio & Video Intercom Systems designed to enhance communication and security across various industries. Our intercom systems provide seamless voice and video communication, enabling you to verify identities and control access to your premises effectively.

Enhanced Communication

Our Audio & Video Intercom Systems enable clear and reliable communication between different areas of your property. Whether it’s a residential, retail, high-rise residential, government, education, healthcare, industrial, commercial, or transportation setting, our systems facilitate efficient and instant communication, enhancing convenience and security.

Key Benefits

Visitor Management

Screen and manage visitor access effectively, ensuring a secure and controlled environment for your facility.

Convenient Communication

The intercom system enables seamless communication between different areas or departments within your facility, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

Enhanced Security

he audio and video intercom system provides an extra layer of security by allowing visual and audio identification of individuals before granting access, ensuring a safer environment.

Access Control

Control entry points and restrict unauthorized access to your premises with the intercom system, improving overall security and protecting your property.

This service is ideal for various industries.


High-rise residential








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VTG Security has built a trusted reputation as a dependable and progressive security technology specialist

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With years of experience in the security technology industry, we bring a wealth of expertise to every project

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We understand the unique challenges and regulations within Canada, ensuring that our solutions align with local requirements and provide a strong sense of national pride.