Intrusion Alarm System

Intrusion Alarm System for business

Protect your property from unauthorized access and potential intruders with VTG Security’s Intrusion Alarm System services. We offer a range of state-of-the-art intrusion alarm systems that detect and alert you to any suspicious activities on your premises.

Key Benefits

Our Intrusion Alarm System provides robust protection for your premises, offering a range of benefits that ensure the safety and security of your property

Instant Alerts

Receive immediate notifications in case of unauthorized access attempts or suspicious activities, allowing for quick response and intervention.

Deterrent Effect

The presence of an alarm system acts as a strong deterrent, discouraging potential intruders from targeting your property.

Customizable Security Solutions

We tailor our solutions to provide maximum protection while ensuring ease of use.

Reliable Protection

Enjoy round-the-clock protection with robust intrusion alarm systems, providing continuous security even during non-operational hours.

Seamless Integration

Our Intrusion Alarm System seamlessly integrates with other security systems, such as video surveillance and access control.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing that your property is safeguarded by an advanced alarm system, providing you and your stakeholders with peace of mind.

Intrusion Alarm System for homes

Our team of experts will design and install a customized alarm system tailored to your property’s unique needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage. This service is available for residential, hospitality, retail, government, education, healthcare, industrial, commercial, and transportation sectors, providing peace of mind and effective security measures.

This service is ideal for various industries.


High-rise residential








Trusted reputation

VTG Security has built a trusted reputation as a dependable and progressive security technology specialist

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in the security technology industry, we bring a wealth of expertise to every project

Proudly Canadian

We understand the unique challenges and regulations within Canada, ensuring that our solutions align with local requirements and provide a strong sense of national pride.